About the Bertram area



In 2006 Money Magazine® listed Burnet County, including Bertram, as one of the top places to live in the country. Why? Because of its hills, valleys, woods and water and the affordability of buying this beauty.

The October 2008 issue of Forbes Magazine® stated that there were four Texas cities in the top ten nationwide that were “Best Bang for Your Buck Cities” and they are Austin, San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas. Bertram is now considered to be a “bedroom community” of Austin, and the Bertram area has that sought-after “small town atmosphere”.

Bertram was once the biggest town in the county, but circumstances changed over the years, and now it is a quiet town known for its quality of life and sense of community. We even speak a different language in Bertram: here, a “drive-by” is when you stop to talk to your neighbor when you see him working in the yard, and “hip-hop” is the jack rabbit that leads you down a country lane!

Take a step back from hectic urban living and explore our friendly city. Smell the clean air and enjoy our beautiful Hill Country rural atmosphere. Here, neighbors know each other, and life moves at a slower pace. Even though we are growing fast, Bertram’s Economic Development Plan is based on retaining our quality of life.

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